News from Ellon Rotary

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The speakers at last Wednesday’s Rotary meeting in the Station Hotel were provided by Rotarian Charlie Allan and Amy Clark, a well versed educator from the Charity Organisation ALEC (Aberdeenshire Life Education Centre).

Charlie reflected on the aims of ALEC that is to educate children on the effects of drugs, alcohol, and smoking. The scheme provides for a healthy life choice education to all nursery and primary children, as an organisation that Charlie was instrumental in setting up some 15 years ago.

ALEC at that time raised over £60,000 in capital in sponsorship for the provision and operation of a mobile classroom. ALEC now runs three of these classrooms, fitted out with a range of exciting audio-visual equipment including Harold the Singing Giraffe, who is a huge success with the children.

Amy, a primary teacher and ALEC Educator explained that ALEC has visited over 3500 schools in Scotland and, as a result of these visits, some 850,000 primary school pupils have been influenced towards a healthy and meaningful lifestyle. Amy also pointed out that new statistics are proving that ALEC has achieved positive results in the reduction of drug misuse applicable to young children and the student population in secondary education.

The vote of thanks was given by Eddie Daniel.