Nostalgia night for supermarket staff

Jean and Vikki with the new Aldi store under construction in the background.
Jean and Vikki with the new Aldi store under construction in the background.

Two Ellon women are organising a trip down memory lane later this year.

Former supermarket colleagues Jean Claridge and Vicki Noble are planning a reunion of staff who worked over the years in the town centre site in Ythan Terrace now occupied by Aldi.

Jean, 52, and Vikki, 35, are arranging a buffet-disco at the Station Hotel in November.

They are hoping staff who worked at the former Norco, Presto, Safeway, Morrisons, Somerfield and Haldanes stores will attend the night out.

Jean, now a catering company manager, said: “We have been speaking about this for a couple of years now and we thought with the new Aldi store now being built on the site it was the right time for a get-together.

“We are hoping to get 150-200 people to the reunion. It will be a night of so many memories.

“We all got on well considering the number of folk that came and went.”

Vikki, a self-employed child minder, said with the old building now demolished and the new store under construction it was the end of an era for those who had worked at the supermarket over the years.

She added: “It has so many happy memories for us. We thought lets get those who worked together for so many years back together again.

“We’ve lost touch with some people so it would be nice to find out where people are 10-15 years down the line.”

Jean, who was a checkout manager, and Vicki, a checkout supervisor, both joined when the store was under the Presto name.

The reunion will be held on Saturday, November 1, and tickets will be on sale from this month priced £10 each.

Anyone wanting to attend the get-together can contact Jean at or Vicki at