On Patrol with Inspector John McCluskey

Welcome to Ellon”. For a second period in my Police career, I find myself reporting for duty at the Ellon Police office. I am Inspector John McCluskey and I am absolutely delighted to back at Ellon, as the Local Policing Inspector for the Formartine area.

My teams will continue to provide you a high level of service and we will remain a community focused Policing team, working in partnership where appropriate and addressing local issues where they are highlighted to us. For me, the way forward is going to be driven by what you tell us is an issue in your area, and I would encourage you to engage with your local officers every opportunity you get.

We will continue to address issues that have been highlighted by previous community consultations and with that in mind we will be cracking down on speeding motorists within the towns and villages across the area in the near future, and another round of Police Surgeries will occur before Christmas. If you see the Mobile Police Office, come in and speak to us, we will be delighted to see you. We are unfortunately having to visit Primary Schools again due to some repeated instances of inconsiderate and unlawful parking, poor parking near schools put children in danger and we will continue to address this issue.

I will spend the next few weeks learning what our local issues are, what we have done up to now to address them and then planning what we can do in the future. The aim of our team is to ensure that the service you receive remains of a high standard, locally relevant and addressing local issues.

In local news, in the first ten days of November, an area of fencing around the building site at Woodlands Edge, near the Academy has been damaged twice and I would ask that any one with any information on this advise any local officer or contact us via the Force Service Centre on 0845600-5-700.

On 4 November 2012, a male was arrested in Ellon following an unprovoked assault. Incidents like this are rare in Ellon and the courts took a dim view of this and remanded the suspect in custody. Another group who took a dim view of this were our local Ellon Pub Watch who banned the suspect.

The incident had not happened in a licensed premises, but because he had tried to enter one just beforehand, they felt his behaviour was such that he was unwelcome in the future.

This is an example of a local organisation taking steps to ensure your safety when you are out and about in Ellon and the surrounding area and I thank them for their continued support.

Also, on 4 November 2012, in an unrelated incident, two males were found in possession of controlled drugs on Bridge Street, Ellon, they will both be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

Late in October into early November, a Theft of Heating Oil has been reported from a premises in the Collieston area, this is being investigated and I would ask all those who have external oil tanks to ensure they are secured and checked regularly.