On the Beat, with Inspector Steve Pratt of Grampian Police

Over the last six weeks, officers from Ellon have been acting on intelligence received and enforcing the Misuse of Drugs Act.

A total of 10 drugs search warrants have been executed in that time by local officers with some assistance from specialists such as drugs detection dogs, search teams, forced entry officers and Detective Officers.

During the course of the operation, quantities of Cannabis, Cannabis Resin, Cocaine, Diazepam, MCat and Heroin along with over £7000 in cash were recovered.

A total of five people have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal in connection with being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs, and others have been reported for possession of controlled drugs.

There are a number of important things to consider in relation to these police actions. Ellon and the surrounding area is certainly not awash with drugs, but like every other Community there are those in our midst that do abuse controlled substances.

Secondly, without the assistance of members of the local community passing information to local officers, this progress could not have been made. Without the ability to create an accurate intelligence picture of what is going on, it is very difficult to mount such operations. Thirdly, for those who do abuse controlled substances, the message is simple - you need to be lucky every time that you are involved in such activity, while the police only have to be lucky once to catch you.

On to other news in the area. As a result of the news release issued last week regarding vandalism in Ogston Road, Ellon, another member of the public has come forward to report a similar incident having taken place around the same time. There have been no further reports this week of vandalism in the area and the enquiry continues.

Also last week it was reported that a break in had taken place at RS McColls in Bridge Street, Ellon. A positive line of enquiry was being followed which resulted in a man from Aberdeen being arrested, appearing in court on this and other charges and being remanded in custody.

As with last week, another driver has been caught driving at excessive speed and again on Castle Road - this time the speed was 50 miles per hour.

On 3 February, a 35 year old Ellon man was arrested after failing a roadside breath test.

As this was the second time in as many months, he was kept in custody and appeared at court on 6 February, where he received a disqualification. On 5 February a 55 year old Ellon man was arrested after also failing a roadside breath test and has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for driving while over the prescribed limit.

On 8 February a search warrant was executed at a house in Ellon, and several illegally held and prohibited items were recovered. A report has since been sent to the Procurator Fiscal in connection with allegations of offences contrary to the Firearms Act and Custom and Excise Management Act.