Optimistic signs at Craighall flats

A sign in the times: Stewart Milne Group has promised to act following our report last week (Picture: Richard Thomson)
A sign in the times: Stewart Milne Group has promised to act following our report last week (Picture: Richard Thomson)

A NORTH-EAST building giant has apologised and offered promises of swift action, following complaints from residents about the absence of street signs and a footpath so steep it was described as ‘Himalayan’.

The Times reported last week on how residents of Ellon’s Craighall Court and Craighall Lodge had been involved in a wrangle with Stewart Milne Group over the lack of street signs for their development. Now, in a response to Cllr Rob Merson, who took matters up on behalf of the residents, the company’s Technical Director Raymond Edgar has confirmed that street signs have been ordered, and that the path connecting to the Ythan walkway will also be subject to further improvement works within the next few weeks.

In his letter to Cllr Merson, Mr Edgar offered an explanation for the lack of street signs. “The road signs were not on any of the approved drawings and as the roads within the development did not require roads consent it was not picked up that these had been omitted”, he said. “I would take this opportunity to apologise for the delay in dealing with this matter and would assure you that it will be concluded at an early date.”

Addressing the matter of the steepness of the footpath, Mr Edgar agreed that it was not satisfactory as it stands, and that further works would be carried out to make improvements. “We would hope to have this work carried out during August”, he said.

Responding to Mr Edgar’s letter, Cllr Merson said “I am very pleased that Mr Edgar has taken such prompt action in response to my approach, as my constituent had been pressing Stewart Milne Homes customer service department on the matter for several months.

“I am also grateful that he has also taken the trouble to inspect the link to the riverside walkway personally, and I look forward to improvements which will make it safe for use by the average pedestrian.”

Residents’ spokesperson Michael Maitland gave a guarded response to Mr Edgar’s letter. “It’s welcome news”, he said. “However, it remains to be seen how long it will take. We’ve been pursuing this for months, so we won’t be celebrating until we actually see the signs go up.”