Patients told to find their care elsewhere

Ellon Medical Centre
Ellon Medical Centre

Ellon Medical Centre has issued advice for patients to receive care outside the practice due to ongoing staff changes.

The practice is currently going through a number of staffing changes due to several GPs either relocating or being on maternity leave.

A spokesperson for Ellon Medical Centre said: “Obtaining locum cover or even replacing a GP at the current time is proving to be very difficult.

“Whilst we continue to actively recruit we are aware this may have some impact on access to appointments.

“We are striving to provide patients with the most effective and efficient service we can and we need your help and cooperation to do this.  Sometimes the help or advice you need may not come from a GP, and indeed you may be seen quickly and effectively in other ways.”

The practice suggests that patients visit their local Pharmacy for access to its Minor Ailments Service, which allows eligible individuals to register with and use a community pharmacy as the first port of call for a variety of common conditions.

Once a patient is registered they attend with their symptoms and the pharmacist may well be able to diagnose and offer treatment or refer to another care practitioner where appropriate.

For eye health, the practive suggests that patients visit a local optician.

Opticians can assist with any visual problems or if eye s are red or irritated and thanks to their specialised equipment they can fully examine eyes and advice is offered free by trained professionals although appointments must be made in advance.

Receptionists at the Medical Practice are trained to ask a few questions to ensure you to see the most appropriate person for your problem so patients are asked to help them to help you when seeking medical help or advice.  

The Ellon practice has a wide range of professionals who have varied expertise including GPs, an advanced nurse practitioner, minor illness nurses, practice nurses, health visitors, community nurses and midwives.

They provide specialty clinics for chronic diseases like high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes and COPD, as well as specialised GP clinics for contraceptive implants, coils, dermatology, orthopaedics and minor surgery.

Every day there are patients who are seen in an inappropriate appointment slot, this may mean that a GP appointment is used inappropriately and could have been utilised by someone who really needed it.

The practice spokesperson added: “May we assure you that we are working together to help you access care and that the information you provide to anyone is strictly in confidence.”