A fond farewell for Morag

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The Ythan Singers held their annual choir meal recently and said farewell to their musical director after 28 years.

The group held their special meal at the Casa Salvatore to say goodbye to Morag Paton.

After a delicious meal, founder member Carole Fox gave heartfelt thanks to Morag on behalf of the choir.

In her reply, Morag reminded members that in her 28 years, she had conducted over 250 concerts in 40 different locations; and that was just the main Christmas, Easter and Summer concerts, as there have been numerous other concerts at sheltered housing, WRI groups, Church of Scotland Guild and indeed to anyone who likes music.

She presented an “A to Z” of the Ythan Singers; two very important letters being A for Alison Stephen the choir’s assistant conductor and R for Rosemary Lund, the accompanist since the conception of the choir in 1980.

Dr Hazel Wilkins said: “Morag’s memories led us through many hilarious occasions such as a piano where only every second note actually worked, a concert of Faure’s “Requiem” without basses, the window nearly blowing in at Udny Green Church and Ken and Diana getting lost in Elgin.

She remembered happy occasions such as the Rev John Cook’s wedding to Alison Mutch at Foveran Church and her own daughter’s wedding; Valerie to Grant McLean at Ellon Parish Church - on both occasions the choir sang during the wedding service.

With all these memories she now takes up a new teaching post in Doha.

The group presented Morag with a voucher from Finnies and wish her all the best in her new adventure in Doha.