Action call on dog-fouling in Ellon

The Knockothie area is claimed to be among the worst for dog-fouling
The Knockothie area is claimed to be among the worst for dog-fouling

An Ellon resident has condemned the amount of dog-fouling in the town.

Bill Morris has told the Times he is disgusted by the attitude of some people who fail to clear up after their pets.

He has pinpointed the Knockothie area as among the worst in the community for mess.

Bill, who has lived in Ellon for just over a year, said: “I can honestly say, I’ve never seen so much dog mess anywhere or in any town or village.

“I’ve had dogs all my life, and I’ve always cleaned up afterwards.

“You see people looking around after their dogs have fouled, to see if anyone’s around or looking. If not, they just walk off, it’s disgusting.”

Bill raised his concerns with Aberdeenshire Council.

He would like to see more signage in a bid to deter fouling and possibly an increased dog warden presence in the community.

The council says better signage for Ellon is under consideration.

Environmental health manager David Cooper said: “We are aware of concerns about dog waste in the Ellon area, and have had some positive discussions that have helped us identify areas for improved signage.

“On a related note, the council introduced the Green Dog Walkers initiative two years ago and we are keen to promote it in the Ellon area.

“The scheme is community run and non-confrontational, with dog owners being asked to sign a pledge stating that they will clean up after their dog and participants offering bags to other owners who need them.

“Community councils are encouraged to take up the scheme so that they can run their own Green Dog Walker groups.”

Meanwhile, the problem is rife in other North-east communities, including Peterhead and Strichen.

Strichen Community Council recently discussed taking part in the Green Dog Walkers initiative.

Central Buchan Councillor Lenny Pirie, who attended the meeting, encouraged other community councils to participate in the scheme.

He told councillors: “I’m very concerned regarding increased dog-fouling on our streets, schools and public parks in Aberdeenshire.”