Appeal for local history items to inspire patients

Inverurie Hospital
Inverurie Hospital

Staff at NHS Grampian’s Inverurie Hospital are appealing for items from the 1930s to the 1960s, for a special resource to stimulate conversations and activities with older patients.

The Occupational Therapy (OT) department and enablement team support 22 patients, on average, on Donbank Ward and patients range in age from their early 60s to over 100.

OT Katrina Donald said: “It’s remarkable how much a single item, such as a photograph of a local scene or old packaging, can encourage people to talk about their life, their experiences and people they know.

“These prompts can help us work with patients to improve their recall and confidence with everyday skills, such as understanding what’s happening around them and participating in practical skills they will use when they are discharged, for example, socialising and preparing refreshments.

“We want to start a ‘Reminiscence Group’ to be part of this work, helping patients to reflect times gone by and compare them to nowadays.

“We are collecting photographs, newspaper articles, small tea sets, cake trays, music CDs and tapes from the ‘30s to ‘60s, small items relating to farming life – no tractors please! – and things connected to local events.

“Groups like ours often have replica ration books, vintage handbags and other memorabilia.”

Anyone interested in donating items to support the Reminiscence Group project should contact Katrina Donald, during working hours, on 01467 672751.