Balmedie junction to close as part of latest AWPR works

The A90 at Balmedie.
The A90 at Balmedie.

The existing A90/Eigie Road junction at the south of Balmedie will close this week.

The new grade separated Balmedie Junction is currently being constructed and once complete, the new Balmedie Junction will link the A90 and Eigie Road by a safer means of an underpass beneath the A90, removing the need for right turns across oncoming traffic.

To ensure the continued safety of all road users using the A90/Old Road junction north of Balmedie, temporary traffic signals will also be installed.

These will be operational during morning and evening weekday peak travelling hours to allow safer access to the A90 during these busier periods.

An AWPR/B-T spokesperson said: “We strongly advise road users to plan their routes before they set off on their journey. Drivers need to be aware that the existing A90/Eigie Road junction will be closed while works are progressing, and of the necessary measures in place at the A90/Old Road junction.

“We recommend that all drivers using these routes apply more caution than usual.”