Big concerns over service provision

The St Mary's on the Rock church hall
The St Mary's on the Rock church hall

The Chairperson of the Friends of St Mary’s Daycentre has voiced her concern over proposed changes to the service by Aberdeenshire Council.

The service currently operates out of the St Mary’s on the Rock church hall which comfortably holds up to 15 service users, however it may be moved to the Bothy at Ythanvale care home which is only able to hold six people.

Frances Jaffray said: “Numbers are to be reduced to accommodate the smaller premises.

“Those premises are however, totally unfit for purpose.

“The service we provide at the moment will be curtailed due to lack of space and mobility will also be restricted.

“Service users are finding this period of uncertainty very unsettling, and are seeking reassurance that more suitable premises can be found to accommodate their present needs.” Frances claims that it would be “impossible” to host mobile activities at the new location as there would not be enough room.

Activities enjoyed by service users include kurling (similar to curling), bowling, carpet golf and bean bag target,

She added: “The activities are the service users’ choice, not ours. We provide the activity and they choose it.

“Choice, privacy and dignity are as always paramount.

“My biggest concern is that Aberdeenshire Council have not been communicating with the service users.”

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “Older People’s Day services in Aberdeenshire are being reviewed to make sure they are providing a person centred approach, are an effective use of resources, are outcome focused and promote enablement and independence.

“No decisions have been made.

“Service users will be consulted prior to any decision being taken.”