Calendar to raise cash for New Arc

One of the calendar shots 'The Lovecats' features Lindsay Gault and The New Arc cats
One of the calendar shots 'The Lovecats' features Lindsay Gault and The New Arc cats

A fundraising project has unveiled its new calendar that will help to raise money for two charities.

Goth on the Croft, run by Spectra Vox and Lindsay Gault, has produced the calendar and money raised from sales will be split between The New Arc Wildlife and Animal Rescue Centre and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The calendar features pictures that have been taken across Scotland including the Isle of Lewis and at the New Arc.

The first Goth on the Croft calendar was produced in 2018 and sold 300 copies raising over £2,000 for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity which aims to stamp out prejudice hatred and intolerance.

Spectra experienced prejudice towards herself and friends for being associated with the goth subculture.

She said: “I’ve always felt a bit like the ‘black sheep’. I live in the highlands now and seeing the odd black sheep in amongst the white struck my imagination.

“I started thinking of myself as the ‘goth on a croft’, and how that image exemplified the incongruity that people who express themselves differently feel in everyday life.

“Not many people expect to see goths on a croft- and why shouldn’t they be there too? We are just people who do everyday things- sometimes with a little added spookiness.

“Being inspired by this image of goths on crofts, I wondered if I could use it to promote tolerance and acceptance of people who look different, basically anyone who stands out from the crowd, and thus, Goth on the Croft was born.”

The calendar is available to purchase online on eBay and also at