Co-op Ellon celebrates Local Community Fund Big Payout

Co-op Ellon colleagues and Co-op members recently celebrated the Local Community Fund Big Payout.

Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 8:52 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 11:36 am
Ellon Civic Pride: from left - Dean Knox, Paula Coatesworth, Frances Watson, Mike Watson, Aileen Taylor & Barbara Last

Three local causes, Ellon Civic Pride, Friends of Ellon Cemetery and Ellon Academy Memorial Community Gardens were presented with cheques by Dean Knox Esslemont Circle foodstore manager and Paula Coatesworth, G Burgess Funeralcare.

A total of £3234.43 was given to allow each local cause to go ahead with projects that will make a difference in the town.

Ellon Civic Pride have already planted 1000’s of crocus bulbs, with plans to plant many more. Plus they will build a new fence and enhanced planting around a water board area near the Ellon Bridge. Mike Watson, Frances Watson, Aileen Taylor and volunteers are just delighted with the funds raised by Co-op members.

Friends of Ellon Cemetery: left to right: Dean Knox, Paula Coatesworth, Muriel Smith, Bill Gibb, Ann Taylor, Barbara Last

Friends of Ellon Cemetery hope to add more planters and plants to the older part of the Ellon Cemetery. Bill Gibb, Muriel Smith and Ann Taylor attended. All three volunteers commented: “It’s great to see funds raised locally by Co-op members, be paid out to local causes, allowing us to make a difference in our town.”

Finally teachers Susan Swallow and Andrew Cruickshank accepted cheque for the Ellon Academy Memorial Community Gardens. They are thrilled with their funds and hope to use towards tarring paths in the memorial gardens. Once Covid restrictions lift there are a quite few Ellon Community groups committed to helping transform the memorial gardens in a tranquil and peaceful space for staff, pupils and community.

Ellon Co-op member pioneer Barbara Last said: “It’s wonderful that we could safely celebrate our local causes in person this year. It’s certainly a real highlight for all our Ellon Co-op colleagues, seeing the pure joy as each local cause receive their cheques! We'd also like to say a big thank you to our Co-op members. The new 2021/2022 Local Community Fund causes are now live. Co-op members can go ahead and pick their local cause via or Co-op app.”

Over the past five years Co-op nationally have raised £100 million pounds and supported 25,000 local causes across the UK. Making a difference in the local community matters to the Co-op. As well as the Big Payout Celebrations.

Ellon Academy Memorial Community Gardens: from left: Dean Knox, Paula Coatesworth, Susan Swallow, Andrew Cruickshank and Barbara Last