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Garioch Gymnastics have been busy with competitions and with great success. #

The club had over 50 gymnasts taking part at the Zodiak Floor and Vault held on Sunday, (May 24).

The club has grown tremendously in the last year by introducing the boys-only class and the club were able to enter the boys section of this competition for the first time.


6/7 Beginners Girls: Lexie Bathgate and Melody Tobing: 6th Overall

6/7 Beginner Boys: Isaac Ironside: 6th; Finlay Masson: Fourth Overall

8 Years Beginner Girls: Matangi Sankriti: Third Overall. Team Silver.

9 Years Beginner Girls: Thelma Florentsdottir: 5th; Andrea Jaramillo: Bronze Overall. Team Gold.

9 Years Beginner Boys: Matthew Wilkie: Gold Overall

9 Years Intermediate Girls: Ruby Fraser: Fourth; Molly Taylor: Bronze; Isla Elrick: Silver; Anna MacKay: Gold Overall. Team Gold.

10/11 Beginner Girls: Brooke Coull: Fifth Overall. Team Gold.

10/11 Beginner Boys: Calum Wyness Fourth; Nathaniel Cook: Bronze Overall

10/11 Intermediate Girls: Eloise Williams: Bronze; Camilla Florentsdottir: Silver; Holly Cooper: Gold Overall. Team Gold.

12+ Beginner Girls: Eilidh Robertson: Silver Overall. Team Bronze

12+ Beginner Boys: Euan Crawford: Bronze; Innes Masson: Silver; Keilym Bestwick: Gold Overall

12+ Intermediate Girls: Erika Thom: Sixth; Leanne Walker: Gold Overall.

Team Gold

• The Scottish Beginners Competition was held on Saturday, (June 6), and again the Club’s gymnasts performed brilliantly to bring home lots of great results.


9 Years Beginners: Anna Fleming: Fourth Overall

9 Years Intermediates: Ruby Fraser Fourth; Isla Elrick: Bronze; Anna MacKay Silver; Molly Taylor: Gold Overall. Team Gold.

10/11 Beginners: Brooke Coull: Fourth Overall

10/11 Intermediates: Camilla Florentsdottir: Fourth; Eloise Williams: Bronze; Holly Cooper: Gold Overall. Team Gold.

12+ Beginners: Eve Fraser: Sixth Overall. Team Silver

12+ Intermediates: Leanne Walker: Fourth; Erika Thom: Bronze. Team Silver.

A very successful two weekends all round for team Garioch.