Creative Kemnay woman launches global foodie venture after discovering passion for cooking during lockdown

A Kemnay woman who turned her passion for food into an online foodie group after being furloughed last year during the cornovirus pandemic, is now launching a new culinary business venture.

Wednesday, 30th June 2021, 10:43 am
Lisa has launched the a new food business after building a loyal following on social media by creating a community of food lovers from around the world.
Lisa has launched the a new food business after building a loyal following on social media by creating a community of food lovers from around the world.

Lisa Munro, 45, has officially launched WTF! (Well Tasty Food!) after building a loyal following on social media by creating a community of food lovers from around the world with her first online venture, The Great Self Isolation Bake-Off (TGSIBO) Facebook group.

The group, which now boasts almost 4.8K members from the UK, the United States, Canada and Australia, provided a much-needed, light hearted community outreach for its growing forum of food lovers.

It was Lisa’s daughter, 16 year old Abbi, who suggested a ‘bake off’ event between her and her Mum, but together they decided instead to set up a Facebook page in March last year to bring people together and raise spirits during the very difficult lockdown period.

The Great Self Isolation Bake-Off (TGSIBO) Facebook group was launched with a small following of Lisa’s family and friends.

Lisa explained: “I needed something to keep my mind and hands busy and baking was the obvious choice as I love to keep busy in the kitchen.

“When I first launched The Great Self Isolation Bake-Off Facebook group at the beginning of the pandemic, it was just for a bit of fun and as a distraction from the tough times we were all experiencing through lockdown.

“The group has been such a lifeline for me and for our entire community of members as we all tried to find new ways to cope during uncertain times.”

The group members share everything from photos of their own baking successes to disasters, recipe inspiration and meal planning ideas as well as videos.

“We have all been there to support and help each other along the way, whether it be to show off our food or to simply smile at some of the funny things we share. We like to laugh, and I think that’s so important for an online community of people to share a common interest and feel like we are a part of something special.”

Lisa is now embracing her business savvy side and is taking TGSIBO to the next level with the launch of her new business – WTF!

Lisa is keen to reassure her loyal community of followers that the group will remain with all the posts, photos and good-hearted banter to continue under the WTF! name.

"And now there will be an added membership option for those who want a little more from the group to have access to further opportunities to learn and grow their culinary skills.

She said: “I’m incredibly proud of what TGSIBO has become – a safe, fun and very much inclusive page for everyone. Whether you are a master chef, novice baker, or just looking for advice and inspiration, my page is a welcome group for people to share their love for all things food related.

“WTF! is very much the same as the TGSIBO, but it comes with an added twist in that the members will have a paid option to unlock a variety of added extras.”

At an introductory rate of £3 per month for the first six months (£5 per month thereafter), members will enjoy a host of benefits including a monthly “crème de la crème” promotion when a recipe will be submitted by a guest professional chef – the first of which will be Craig Wilson, local entrepreneur, Head Chef and owner of the renowned local fine-dining restaurant Eat on the Green in Ellon.

Craig said: “Food is such an important part of our daily lives, it is at the heart of everything we do. It brings us together, it sparks conversation and can pick us up when we feel down or release any worries or stress when we feel anxious.

“Over the last year food has become even more important, with extended times at home we have taken the time to cook, share meals with family and learn new skills and what Lisa has created in her Facebook group is amazing.

“Giving people a place to share tips, recipes, ideas and create a community around food is such a wonderful idea. Food is such a universal language and bringing food lovers into one place where they can be inspired and encourage others to try different things is so important.”

He added: “Lisa has established a strong following and I wish her well with the next step on her culinary journey with the launch of WTF! - Well Tasty Food and I’m sure it will be a huge success.”

Paid members will also be entered into a monthly “pot-luck” prize draw for gastronomic goodies as well as receiving a monthly e-newsletter with content tailored specifically to their passion for all things food related.

Also included in the membership will be monthly access to an online hangout cleverly titled, “no forks given”, where Lisa will engage with members and agree a date for a pre-arranged recipe to cook together online.

“WTF! has been months in the making and I am so thankful to all my community of members for all their support this year,” added Lisa.

“I look forward to offering all my foodie people something special as we continue on the WTF! journey together.”

For further information about WTF! (Well Tasty Food!) check out the WTF! Facebook page here