Curtain comes down on Theatre Festival

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The curtain came down on the Garioch Theatre Festival 2015 with the re-run of award-winning performer Juliette Burton’s “Look At Me.”

The solo performance, which was highly acclaimed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014, tells of her life of eating disorders, from an anorexic four stone to binge eating and bulimia nervosa putting on 10 stones in four months. It also deals with her mental health issues that meant she had to be sectioned at one time for her own safety.

In an honest, and funny expose of her own failings, Juliette started to look at the reasoning behind her troubled lifestyle and then investigate how image was considered in modern day life and its importance, particularly to young impressionable people looking to “fit in” to what the advertisers and magazines described as norm.

The audience were left with a few questions, such as; can changing our outside really change who we are on the inside? And is who we appear to be who we are? But they were left in no doubt that Juliette Burton is a skilled performer able to hold peoples attention and address serious issue while making people laugh and think!