Customers challenged to Link Up

Ali and Jonny Aspden take part in the Link Up Challenge
Ali and Jonny Aspden take part in the Link Up Challenge

A Formartine business has launched a summer challenge and is encouraging its customers and local groups to take part.

The Coffee Apothecary started up ‘The Apothecary Link Up Challenge’ last month with an aim to get visitors between both of its cafes in Udny and Ellon as fast as they can.

Those interested in taking part need to start at either the Udny or Ellon cafe and travel to the other using a mode of transport excluding cars.

So whether you wish to walk, run, cycle, use a pogo stick, or travel by other means the decision is yours.

Those taking part should track their journeys using a suitable app to get on the leader board.

If you top the leader board in your chosen mode of transport then you could win a free drink and a cake at the Coffee Apothecary.

However if you take part in the challenge multiple times and beat your previous time on the leader board, then you will get 25 per cent off a drink and cake of your choice.

If you don’t beat your previous time but still make it you will be entitled to a ten per cent discount off your drink and a cake.

Commenting, Jonny Aspden of the Coffee Apothecary said: “We are incredibly lucky that you can get most of the way between the two cafes without being on the roads with the total distance being 9.25km.

“The only other thing to mention is that we also have a category for the lycra clad, mean machines that ride road bikes that aren’t really suitable for the old railway line, just pick your fastest route and beat the rest.”

For more information about the challenge or if you’d like to check out a map of the route visit the Coffee Apothecary’s website at