Donations encouraged for Red Cross Week

Kathleen Moir from Oldmeldrum has been fundraising with the Red Cross since World War Two
Kathleen Moir from Oldmeldrum has been fundraising with the Red Cross since World War Two

A fundraiser from Oldmeldrum is encouraging people to donate to the Big Bucket Shake this Red Cross Week.

Red Cross Week 2019 takes place from 6-12 May and sees supporters out in force in towns and cities across the UK, asking the public to donate whatever they can afford to support people in crisis at home and abroad, by donating to the Big Bucket Shake.

Across the North of Scotland collections are taking place in towns including Fraserburgh, Inverurie, Stonehaven and Aberdeen.

Kathleen Moir from Oldmeldrum first started fundraising with the Red Cross during the Second World War when as a girl she would cycle with her sister round the farms and villages near her home selling raffle tickets to support the charity’s war efforts.

As she grew up and had her own young family in the 1960s they too would be taken round the local farms to continue with the fundraising, this turned this into a yearly effort from 1975 and she was recognised for her long service with the British Red Cross at a ceremony in Aberdeen in March.

This Red Cross Week will see Kathleen do as she always does and will be there out in support of the charity around the farms and what keeps her going is an admiration for the work of the charity: “The Red Cross is always there, helping people across the world, always helping people across the world.

“I hope never have to benefit from my fundraising, but you never know when a flood or an emergency might happen.”

Senior Community Fundraiser Alison Munro-White says: “We’re grateful to all our fundraisers for going the extra mile for us, and to the public for their kindness and generosity. Red Cross Week is a chance for everyone to share a little bit of kindness.

]“If you do one kind thing this week, please donate to one of our bucket shakers or search ‘British Red Cross’ online and donate that way. Every donation helps power our work in the UK and abroad.

“Here in the UK, your kindness will ensure we continue to reunite families separated by war, teach first aid skills that save lives, help communities prepare for severe weather and other emergencies.”