Ellon church bids farewell to organist Alison

Alison Stephen with Rev Andrew Tucker and Olivia Paterson
Alison Stephen with Rev Andrew Tucker and Olivia Paterson

The Saint Mary-on-the-Rock Church in Ellon is currently seeking a new organist following the departure of Alison Stephen.

Church rector, Rev Andrew Tucker, and one of the youngest members of the congregation, Olivia Paterson, presented a bouquet of flowers to Alison on Sunday, October 23.

This was to mark the fact that it had been 50 years since Alison, then Alison Cruickshank from Backhill of Airdlin and a teenage pupil at Ellon Academy, was appointed church organist.

Over the last 50 years Alison’s musical talents have been appreciated by all who have worshipped at the services, not only in St Mary’s, but other churches as well.

After the service, the celebrations continued with a card and cheque being presented to Alison, who then cut a large cake that was shared among the congregation.

With Alison’s husband Frank having recently retired from running Newburgh Motors, they are both now looking forward to spending more time with their family in Australia.

As Alison is now stepping down from her role within the church, St Mary’s is now on the lookout for a new organist.

Anyone who has an interest in, not only playing a church organ, but being involved with the choir as well, should contact the Parish Secretary by calling 01358 720366 or by emailing parish@stmarystjames.org.uk.