Ellon couple celebrate 65th anniversary

Sylvia and Ron Baston
Sylvia and Ron Baston

An Ellon couple are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversay today (Thursday, October 20).

Ron (85) and Sylvia (84) Baston married in Royal Leamington Spa on October 20, 1951.

Speaking to the Times Ron and Sylvia’s son Steve, who now lives abroad, said: “I believe that they were childhood sweethearts, having met around the time they both left school at 14.

“Ron joined the police two years later, attracted by the possibility of them having their first home.

“Supported by Sylvia, he served for 25 years in the police, leaving as a chief inspector.”

After the remains of Ron’s working life, the couple moved to Ellon around 20 years ago on retirement to be closer to their daughter Debbie and son-in-law Jim.

They both quickly immersed themselves in the Ellon society with Ron teaching with the UC3A and Sylvia within the Ellon church.

Ron and Sylvia are proud grandparents to their five grandchildren; Camilla, Charlie, Iona, Paddy and Michael, but have no great-grandchildren yet.