Ellon fundraiser completes for CHAS

Ellon fundraiser Barrie Seddon said he would have his head and beard all shaved off to raise money for CHAS once he’d had his second vaccination jag and true to his word he’s gone and been and done it!

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:00 am
Barrie Seddon looks a different person after shaving his hair and beard for CHAS.

After 16 months without a haircut and shave, the Beheading of Barrie has finally taken place. And what was the 75 year old pensioners comments when he first stepped outside? “It’s gae cauld out there. Can someone buy me a bonnet?!”

Barrie has made several fundraising efforts for CHAS over the years but this has been the longest running one yet. Started in March, 2020, when the Covid pandemic kicked off, he vowed not to have a haircut or shave until we were offered protection from the virus. In his opinion, as a trained Microbial Biochemist, this would be when we had been vaccinated against Covid.

Last week he took his second jag and so on Friday the Beheading took place. On a previous occasion in 2007 at the Ellon Gala he had carried out the event in public and raised over £1,500 for CHAS.

Sadly, due to the Pandemic and lockdown conditions, the Beheading this time could not be viewed in public but had to take place in private.

With the help of the local newspapers, his Facebook and JustGiving page he hopes to raise just as much again for CHAS. At the last count he had raised about £700 but with your help now he hopes to better his previous total.

“There are many good and worthy causes,” Barrie said. “But this is the one that really touches my heart strings. To help children (and their families), who have life-limiting conditions, to enjoy what life they have left, is a truly compassionate cause. CHAS’s motto is ‘keep the joy alive’ so please help me and CHAS to continue to do this for these children and their families.

"To those who have already donated, many, many thanks. To those who have not yet, then please come on board. Help me beat my previous beheading total of just over £1,500. This is a special charity and one that is in real need of support. Even the odd £5 would be very welcome to help CHAS give these children the chance to ‘keep the joy alive’ and provide caring support for them and their families.

Visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/barrie-seddon1 to donate.