Ellon man’s dog-fouling warning

Dog waste bags are being left on paths just yards away from bins
Dog waste bags are being left on paths just yards away from bins

An Ellon resident has criticised local dog walkers for continuing to ignore fouling signs.

Bill Morris says people are discarding bags of waste just yards away from bins and signs.

He complained to Aberdeenshire Council last month about the amount of dog-fouling in the town.

Mr Morris has taken pictures of bags containing waste being thrown away at various locations, and has alerted the dog warden.

He said: “There were three bags at the entrance to Ellon Castle Park Community Centre, from Blench Drive.

“There’s a new sign there that you can’t miss, plus a bin that’s not yards away.

“Nothing’s changed with the lighter days. It seems that some dog owners are picking up, then throwing the bags down so they don’t have to walk another 20 yards to put them properly in the bins provided.”

Bill, who has lived in Ellon for more than a year, has suggested improved signage in a bid to deter fouling and an increased dog warden presence in the community.

The council’s environmental health manager David Cooper said recently there were aware of concerns about dog waste in the Ellon area and had held positive discussions which had helped them identify areas for better signage.

The authority introduced the Green Dog Walkers initiative two years ago and is keen to promote it in the Ellon area.

Community councils are also being encouraged to take up the scheme to they can run their own Green Dog Walkers groups.

The dog-fouling problem is rife in other North-east communities, including Peterhead and Strichen.

Strichen Community Council has in recent months discussed taking part in the Green Dog Walkers initiative.