Ellon optician to host hearing technology day

Audiology testing at Duncan and Todd
Audiology testing at Duncan and Todd

The Ellon branch of Duncan and Todd will host an awareness day this Thursday to showcase the very latest advances in hearing technology.

Many Duncan & Todd branches now offer hearing care check-ups, when a specially trained audiologist will ask a series of medical and lifestyle questions as well as check the health of the ears and conduct a hearing test using calibrated headphones.

Patients might realise they are not hearing the TV as well or may have more complex issues including struggling to hear family members or friends around them. Being able to thrive in noisy environments with many people speaking at the same time is a common problem for many hearing loss sufferers and one that audiologists and hearing care companies across the UK are aiming to combat.

The audiologist can offer help and advice on all options available for treatment, including NHS and private hearing solutions that relate to a patients’ needs and environments.

In addition to the latest generation of hearing aids, which include a considerable reduction in size, hearing products now double up as wearable technology, which can play music from your mobile phone or take wireless phone calls.

As well as the in-house audiologists, specialists from Starkey Hearing Technologies UK, which provides high-tech hearing products, will be on hand on Thursday, June 27 to answer questions about hearing care and the latest hearing technology.

Visitors will also be able to take advantage of a discount on premium products as well as receiving a free wireless accessory.

Branch manager, Nicola Stewart said: “Audiology is an important health service that has been recognised by Duncan and Todd as an important factor in our clients’ overall health and well-being.

“In recent years we have seen the stigma of hearing loss reduced, alongside advances in technology which mean people who are using hearing aids can pair this with their own electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

“More and more people are conscious of taking control of their own personal healthcare and we are happy to support this increasing trend and provide information and help with making the most of the technology that is available.”