Ellon speeding survey causes concern

A recent speed survey carried out by Aberdeenshire Council at the request of the local Police indicates that 54% of the vehicles using Hospital Road are speeding.

By Dawn Renton
Thursday, 11th March 2021, 7:00 am
Councillor Gillian Owen with Gary Thomson
Councillor Gillian Owen with Gary Thomson

Resident Gary Thomson said: “I have been exchanging emails with the Police and the Road Service for a number of years regarding excessive speeds in Hospital Road. I have witnessed many incidents including Lorries driving on the pavement to pass other vehicles as the speed they are travelling at, has forced them into dangerous actions.

"The new figures do not surprise me at all, there is a serious issue on this road and what we need is traffic calming measures to make drivers slow down. In my opinion Hospital Road should be considered for reducing the speed limit to 20mph, but sadly this is apparently not under consideration by the council.”

Cllr Gillian Owen added: “I have been helping Mr Thomson with this issue for a while but sadly no one considered that there was a problem and now we have these recent figures it tells us a completely different story. Travelling 61 mph on Hospital Road is a disgrace.

"This is a safe route to school which children and young people will soon be going back to use. What chance does a child have if a lorry mounts the pavement to pass another lorry – none at all. I make a plea to all drivers using this road, the maximum speed is 30 mph please stick to that.

“On Thursday Gary and I met virtually with an Officer to discuss these unacceptable figures and to try and work out a plan of action to encourage drivers to reduce their speed, which may save a life. Our discussions concerned the survey and how this needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

"Firstly, it appears that the flashing lights on the golf club crossing are not operational we have asked that these be fixed. Secondly, we have asked that the “vehicle activated speed display traffic detection equipment,” be installed. Many of you will remember that it was used on the A948 a few years ago to monitor speeding and to advise people when they were exceeding the limit.

"Please remember there’s NO EXCUSE for speeding.”