Farewell to well-known Ellon figure Bob

Former Gordon District councillor Bob Duncan has moved to Perthshire
Former Gordon District councillor Bob Duncan has moved to Perthshire

One of Ellon’s leading community figures has left the area after years of loyal service during which he was at the fore front of numerous initiatives’ in the town.

Bob Duncan first came to prominence in the mid 1970’s when he became a key member of the first Ellon Community Council before serving as a Gordon District councillor.

Aberdeen-born Bob was particularly keen on sport and leisure, proving to be an outstanding swimmer and runner at Robert Gordons College where he went to school.

He played a major part in the creation of the Meadows Sports Trust which came into existing in the early 1990s.

Further back in time his insistence that Ellon Academy had a swimming pool paid off when it opened in 1976.

As a runner of some note, he was responsible for having a trim track built near to the new educational facility.

As an avid reader, he championed the cause of libraries in Gordon District, becoming chairman of the NE Association.

Bob was acutely aware of the need to publicise events, and initiatives, making good use of local media, indeed we used to joke, if Bob was not in the promotional picture, the event had not really happened.

Bob had a good handle on most community issues, as many local organisations will bear testimony to, including the McDonald Golf Club who benefited from his advice over his time in office.

Bob was a great ambassador for Ellon, and while the late Bill Bruce takes credit for the built modern environment in the town, Bob gave it a social fabric to be proud of.

It was a privilege to know and work with him. I hope he finds happiness in Perthshire – his new place of residence.