Fit Heart Ellon session

The Ellon Academy Community Campus
The Ellon Academy Community Campus

Fit Heart Ellon, who provide exercise classes to adults of all ages and abilities, are offering a free taster session at Ellon Community Campus.

It will run from 7-8pm on Tuesday, February 16.

The classes are under the guidance of a leader trained by Friskis and Svettis (Exercise the Swedish Way) who takes the class through a selection of fun and motivation routines to music.

The classes are geared to men and women who want to start getting more exercise into their lives.

Seniors are particularly welcome.

Further details are available by calling Moira on 01358 789588, or Kathleen on 01224 715304.

Fit Heart Ellon charitable objectives are “to preserve and protect the health of individuals who have cardiac problems by the promotion of exercise to maintain fitness”.