Focus on mental health at salon

Sarah Walker of Nethermill Salon near Tarves hopes to set up mental health sessions to help her clients
Sarah Walker of Nethermill Salon near Tarves hopes to set up mental health sessions to help her clients

A north-east salon could soon offer counselling sessions to its clients.

Plans to bring the new service to Nethermill Salon near Tarves are still in the early stages and its owner is appealing for counsellors to get in touch.

Sarah Walker opened the salon in May 2017 and said the idea has been in mind since.

Speaking to the Times she said: “I have suffered from anxiety and depression myself so I know how difficult it can be to reach out to alternative therapies.

“You go to your GP, get advice, and then you are put on a waiting list for therapy but it is such a long list and you go on with your life thinking you’ll manage.

“Providing counselling services has always been a plan since opening here as I have always had a vision of having this as a well-being place where people can focus on their mental health as well as their hair and beauty, then leave feeling amazing.”

Sarah plans to extend her salon later this year with the aim of starting the counselling service afterwards.

She also hopes to offer massage, reiki and reflexology sessions to add to the well-being services.

Sarah explained: “My clients tell me that they feel at ease when they come in, and mental health is talked about more these days so hopefully the counselling would encourage people to open up and discuss their problems instead of keeping it all to themselves.

“Everyone is so busy these days that we aren’t spending time looking after ourselves, this would be an opportunity for our clients to speak about their feelings while also getting their hair done or getting a beauty treatment.

“The sessions would be totally confidential and the salon could provide a meeting point for counsellors to discuss future sessions, or it could just act as a focal point to have an initial meeting.

“Being in the countryside our location is ideal, so if anyone was interested in counselling but didn’t want anyone to know they can come here.

“I have put posts up on Facebook and Instagram to reach out to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) counsellors in Aberdeenshire who would be interested in coming on board while also becoming a member of the Nethermill family.”

Sarah added: “My clients have been really receptive of the idea, they think it would be amazing if we could offer services like this.

“I hope to have it all up and running by the end of August or September but it all depends on the extension work at the salon.”

For more details about the counselling services email or visit the salon at Nethermill of Tillyhilt.