Free Seasons for Growth seminar

The event will be held at the Ellon Academy Community Campus
The event will be held at the Ellon Academy Community Campus

A free adult seminar event will be held at the Ellon Academy Community Campus next week.

Seasons for Growth aims to build resilience and bring hope and confidence to adults who have experienced significant change or loss.

Grief may be due to any number of experiences incuding bereavement, relationship breakdown, coming to a new country or retiring from employment.

This seminar will introduce other programmes; The Seasons for Growth Children and Young People’s Programme, The Seasons for Growth Adult programme, and The Seasons for Growth Parent Programme.

The seminar will also examine the meaning of Grief and review the range of changes and losses experienced in life.

This increases the understanding of grief reactions and the factors that influence them.

Finally the seminar leaders Graham Wilson, Melanie Wilson and Colette Fraser will explore the strategies of empowerment and the importance of support networks.

So while the seminar looks at grief, grief reactions and strategies, it is not the forum to look at individual grief stories - rather an overview of grief in general.

However guests attending the seminar will have the opportunity to sign up to a number of Adult Seasons for Growth Programmes which will follow later in May.

This seminar will be held on Wednesday, May 8 from 6-9pm.

For more information or to book onto this seminar please email, or visit the ‘Seasons For Growth Aberdeenshire’ Facebook page and register your interest.

Seminar leader Graham Wilson said: “Running in partnership with the Local Authority, we hope to extend this support across Aberdeenshire and be in a position to support all Adults, Children and young people, and their families through the grief that is caused by Loss and Change.

“Drawing on the wide variation in the seasons, the metaphor Seasons For Growth speaks to the ‘ups and downs’ of life, reflecting both the competence and vulnerability of children, as well as the unique ways different ‘seasons’ in life are experienced.”