Gluten free menu launched at Ellon deli

Gluten free soup at Delica
Gluten free soup at Delica

An Ellon delicatessen have celebrated the New Year by designing a brand new menu which will be launched this month.

Delica will offer a completely gluten free menu which will include soups, cakes, sandwiches available to eat in or take away.

Located on Union Lane, across from Aldi, the store has been up and running for almost one year.

Owner Susan Caddell said: “During the cold winter months nothing beats a coffee and a cake or a nice hot bowl of soup, but for those with dietary requirements it is not always as easy as popping into your local coffee shop.

“Since we opened we have stocked a wide range of gluten free products and found that more and more of our customers are coming in specifically for these products. It makes sense for us to extend the gluten free offering into our eat in menu as well.”

Gluten free diets are mostly associated with coeliac disease. However people without the disease are beginning to cut glucose from their diet as they have found that it can improve their health and wellbeing. Susan said that the team have been exploring a range of options which they hope to offer fairly soon.

She added: “We have already been experimenting with gluten free sausage rolls, quiches and a delicious almond and pistachio cake topped with lemon and rosewater syrup and crushed pistachios.

“Over the next few months we will be experimenting to make our gluten free menu as tasty and varied as possible.”