J.G. Ross shortlisted for Baker of the Year

J.G. Ross, Inverurie
J.G. Ross, Inverurie

Award winning local bakers, J.G. Ross of Inverurie is one of 49 bakers who have made the short-list for the Scottish Baker of the Year Awards.

Scottish Bakers has confirmed that its annual industry conference and Scottish Baker of the Year Awards 2015 presentation will once again take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow on May 8 and 9.

Over 23,000 customers from across Scotland voted for their favourite bakery products across seven categories and on 31st March, 170 bakers delivered 600 of their most popular scones, loaves, savoury items, morning rolls, individual cakes, products made from California Raisins and biscuits for judging by the professionals whose job it is to decide upon the best seven products in the land and the shortlist has been announced.

49 bakers have won product awards and the judging has now entered its final phase with submissions being sought for the three new categories in the competition – Craft Baker of the Year, Retail Baker of the Year, or Wholesale Baker of the Year - as well as the ultimate winner, Scottish Baker of the Year.

The final results will remain a closely guarded secret until May 9 when Mich Turner the Scottish Baker of the Year Ambassador will announce the results and also crown the Scottish Baker of the Year 2015, currently held by Asher’s of Nairn.