Mathew graduates twice in two years

Mathew McKay pictured on his graduation day
Mathew McKay pictured on his graduation day

Mathew McKay is collecting his second degree in two years from Robert Gordon University.

The 23-year-old graduated last year with a degree in Applied Social Sciences and took to the stage at The Music Hall on Monday, December 7 to collect his MSc in Project Management with distinction.

Mathew, who is from Aberdeen originally but completed most of his secondary education in Dubai before moving to Methlick where he now stays, decided to return to RGU after realising that job hunting was such a competitive environment and he needed to have a differentiator in order to be recognised by potential employers.

He said: “Social Sciences is a broad course and opens the door to a number of potential career opportunities, I observed the impact that the downturn in the oil and gas industry was having on the jobs market as a whole.

“The appeal towards the MSc in Project Management was because I was not entirely sure as to what industry I wanted to pursue a career in, I wished to study a course that was transferable to numerous sectors.

During his studies, Mathew worked part time as a Project Support Intern in the Study Skills department of RGU but he has already secured a new full-time role within Police Scotland.