New Foveran road to open

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The new Foveran Link Road is expected to open next week, as part of the Aberdeen bypass project.

It will give drivers improved access to the village from the A90.

Motorists will reach the new road from the A90 via a temporary junction to the north of the A975.

To join the A90 from Foveran, road users should make the reverse journey on Foveran Link Road.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: “The new Foveran Link Road will provide access between Foveran and the A90 and will help reduce journey times as well an enhance safety in the local area.

“However, as with any change to road layout, we strongly encourage road users to drive with more caution than usual.

“We would also kindly request drivers to observe all of the signage to enhance the safety of road users and road workers.”