New job, a baby and degree for Paul

Paul is currently enjoying spending time with his family
Paul is currently enjoying spending time with his family

Paul Goonan was already on cloud 9 about to welcome his newborn son Caleb into the world when he found out he had also gained a degree from Robert Gordon University.

The 27-year-old, who is from Aberdeen but lives in Ellon, graduated on Monday, December 7 at The Music Hall with a degree in Business Management after finding out he had passed while his wife was in labour.

He had been thinking about going to university for some time and decided it was time to further his studies after hearing an RGU radio advert.

He said: “When I left school I was going to do accounts or business management but decided to get a job instead, then I finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

“Overall I enjoyed the course so I’m glad I did. It was challenging at times and getting back into the studying and essay writing was difficult but it has now paid off.”

When talking about the course he said: “At times it was difficult. We like going on holiday and we had to plan around assessment dates and coursework and I was extremely busy with work which didn’t help matters. It was all about working out what worked best for me.

“I found that doing a little bit a few nights a week and then a good few hours each day at the weekend worked.”

They say good things come in threes - just after Paul’s wife went into labour, he found out he had passed his final coursework and he was then offered a new job.

Paul joined EBS Solutions in Aberdeen as Accounts Manager.

EBS Solutions are a unique business development consultancy and without the degree Paul would not have got the job.

He isn’t quite ready to put the pen and paper down yet however and would like to undertake a masters degree in Business Management in the future, but for now he is enjoying spending time with his new family.