Newmachar bride’s tiers of happiness for crew

The couple with Olivia and Cameron
The couple with Olivia and Cameron

A bride-to-be who feared she was going to die from sepsis has thanked the Scottish Ambulance Service crew who saved her life by giving them a special part of her wedding cake.

The top tier is traditionally kept to celebrate the birth of a child, or a first anniversary.

Instead Caroline, 40, and Phil Learmonth, 32, of Newmachar, gave it to the ambulance team behind the life-saving intervention – Aberdeenshire-based staff Spencer Staddon, Sarah Rose and Connor Melville.

The couple tied the knot in June, but a month before her big day, stay-at-home mum Caroline fell seriously ill – just a week after getting a kidney infection.

She was alone with her children Olivia, six, and Cameron, four, and rang a friend, who travelled to the couple’s home and dialled 999.

Paramedics found Caroline’s temperature was 41.8C and treated her at the scene, with Spencer Staddon carrying out an initial assessment. She spent five days in hospital before returning home.

The mum said: “Some of it’s a blur – some of it isn’t. I thought I was going to die. Everything was starting to slow down.

“It was a waiting game – wondering whether I was going to die.”

Caroline said she was extremely grateful for the help of the service “from start to finish”, saying it was “second to none”.

She explained: “Everything was great – Spencer was so calm. They were all just so nice – I cannot thank them enough.”

Scottish Ambulance Service patient safety manager Gary Rutherford said: “Sepsis is a life-threatening complication of infection.

“Symptoms can vary and get worse quickly; therefore it is important for people to know what signs and symptoms to look for.”