'Not-spot' Collieston connected to 4G for the first time

EE has partnered with the Scottish Government, the Scottish Futures Trust, and WHP Telecoms to bring 4G to Collieston for the first time.

Thursday, 8th July 2021, 12:00 am
Michael Earlam says the new EE mobile mast in Collieston has increased the village’s connectivity tremendously.

The site is part of the Scottish Government’s £28.75 million Scottish 4G Infill programme (S4GI) which is delivering 4G infrastructure and services in so-called ‘not-spots’ in rural Scotland, providing 4G connectivity to areas which previously had no coverage.

Scottish Emergency Services and Mountain Rescue will be able to access a reliable 4G mobile service for the first time, along with residents, visitors and businesses.

Resident and chair of Collieston Heritage Community Group, Michael Earlam, said: “This new EE mobile mast in Collieston has increased the village’s connectivity tremendously. As chair of the Harbour Heritage Group and as a local businessman, this new mobile connectivity has made a fantastic improvement to how we live day to day and allows you to run your business from home effortlessly during this pandemic.

“Because of poor mobile coverage I was unable to make calls or get online easily, I even had to access my WiFi via the router. Now we have better connectivity at home, throughout the village and right down to the harbour area. Improved coverage also means that the community and the local coast guard can respond quickly to emergencies at sea and we can keep in touch with each other when we are working on repairs to the harbour.”

Kate Forbes, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy, said: “Our £28.75 million S4GI mobile infrastructure programme continues to connect more people and businesses for the first time and it’s great to see Collieston now benefiting from this roll out.

“This network will help renew and stimulate regional economic and social growth in the North East of Scotland, revitalising agriculture, fishing and tourism sectors, while improving working and home life for Scottish citizens impacted by this current pandemic.

Martyn Cheyne, WHP Strategic Development Director, added: “WHP Telecoms is pleased to have facilitated reliable coverage to this part of Aberdeenshire for the first time by providing robust future proofed infrastructure from which EE is now delivering 4G coverage.”