Objectors say new Newburgh homes will create a ‘rat run’

An aerial shot of Balmedie
An aerial shot of Balmedie

Residents of Newburgh claim plans for 15 new homes on the outskirts of the village could create a dangerous ‘rat run’.

Scotia Homes’ plans for land just off Knockhall Road have attracted four objections including representation from Foveran Community Council.

Despite the objections, Aberdeenshire Council’s Formartine Area Committee, which meets tomorrow, is being recommended to approve a delegated grant by planners.

Objectors point out that the proposals would create four homes over and above the agreed 60 allocation in the current Local Development Plan.

The site immediately to the south was granted full planning permission for 49 houses in October 2015 on appeal.

Foveran Community Council, which originally objected to the development based on the increased traffic joining Main Street from Knockhall Road, says the 15 new homes “only makes the situation worse”.

Local resident Jeremy Cresswell echoes those sentiments, saying: “Further dwellings will place even more pressure on existing road infrastructure in the centre of the village.

“It would further destroy the rural nature of Knockhall Lane, risking it evolving into a ‘rat run’ for cars.”

Concerns have also been expressed over growing pressure on the Ythan Estuary and flooding.

But planners will tell councillors that none of the local authority’s services have made any adverse comments and are recommending a delegated grant to include a Section 75 Agreement for the creation three affordable homes and various conditions.

The report states: “The development is an acceptable, minor departure to the Newburgh Settlement Statement within the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2017.

“The proposal would deliver a high quality development in terms of its contemporary design, good mix of house types and layout.”