Overwhelming response to survey


Almost 1,000 Ellon residents have responded to a survey on their views of what matters in the town.

During the summer, Ellon Community Council conducted the survey and were overwhelmed by the response.

The outcomes reinforced views previously expressed by residents and revealed some interesting findings.

The responses revealed that more than 40% of residents have visited the town centre to use the riverside walks.

Most people who go to the town centre do so in their cars (83%) with more than half noting that they access food retail and restaurants in the town.

Over half of respondents visit the town centre at least once a week but very few spend over a two hours at each visit.

More than 60% also said they do their main food shopping out of town although a significant percentage stated they do their main shop in Ellon. It also appears that Aldi is attracting people to Ellon as many respondents said they visit other shops if they shopped at Aldi.

It was also clear from the responses that most respondents would like to see the retail offering in Ellon improved and that this should be accompanied by improvements in car parking.

Riverside walks were cited as being a major leisure activity for residents.

The survey also tested the initial views of residents on the future wishes for the Academy site and Aannexe. There was significant support for the both sites to be developed with a new Health Centre, leisure and cultural activities and to some degree more retail would be welcomed.

Early in 2016, Aberdeenshire Council is planning to hold an Ellon Town Centre summit which will explore opportunities for Ellon in the forthcoming years and the responses will be studied.

This summit will be open to all Ellon residents so look out for the date in the local press and on the community council’s Facebook page.