Platinum Jubilee Tea in Ellon

After a long time of being socially isolated due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Saint Mary-on-the-Rock finally was able to throw open the doors and welcome people to come and enjoy some hospitality.

By Dawn Renton
Wednesday, 8th June 2022, 6:56 am
Updated Wednesday, 8th June 2022, 6:56 am

The extended Bank Holiday weekend created for the UK’s celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Queen’s reign provided the perfect opportunity to invite the people of Ellon to a Jubilee Tea.

Saint Mary’s Hall was festively decorated in red, white and blue as balloons, bunting and bouquets of flowers adorned the room.

Each table was elegantly arranged with bone china cups and saucers in readiness for the sandwiches and cakes which were to be served to the guests.

The Jubilee Tea was held at Saint Mary-on-the-Rock

Outside three gazebos were erected, and these offered people an opportunity to dine outdoors and enjoy the warm weather that blessed the day.

Throughout the course of that afternoon an estimated 200 people were served, and the volunteers literally were on-the-go the entire time catering to the needs of all those who were dining inside the Hall and outside in the gazebos.

There was no entry or admission price for this event.

Instead a basket was available in which people could deposit whatever donation they desired for the two charities that we were supporting: The Queen’s Green Canopy and Ukrainian Aid through the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Perhaps one of the clearest expressions of what a positive impact this celebratory occasion had upon the people who attended it is seen by the generosity with which they supported the two charities.

A total of £1063 was collected for these two worthwhile causes.

How wonderful to see this shared spirit of community goodwill overflowing with a generosity of reaching out to others, both friend and stranger.