Probus members learn about Ellon’s “Secret Garden”

Ellon Castle Garden.
Ellon Castle Garden.

President David Crosley welcomed 37 members to the June 9 meeting of Ellon Probus Club.

Vice president Alan Cameron was chosen to give a talk and his chosen subject was a “Secret Garden in Ellon”.

Some people in the town have been unaware of the Ellon Castle Gardens, this was a surprise to Alan when he took over as chairman of the board of directors of the Castle Gardens Trust.

Having initially acquired the property, Scotia Homes and Barratts gifted the Castle Gardens to the trust with a large sum of money for future development.

They also arranged taht the monthly rental income from 11 apartments be allocated to the trust to cover general expenses.

The gardens are now evolving and full of bird life and red squirrels, and are looked after by Factor Jim Davidson and head gardener Catriona (Tilly) Robertson.

There are volunteers wo turn up on occasion to give a hand in the maintenance and upkeep of the gardens.

Anyone can become a member of the Castle Gardens by contacting

At present the public can attend but only on pre-arranged tours.

Future plans are for a shop and heritage centre, a cafe/restaurant and parking facilities for cars and buses.

It is hoped this will be a major tourist attraction in Ellon, with all the subsequent benefits to the town.

Alan enlightened members to his secret garden, and having taken a few questions, the vote of thanks was made by Neil Trainor.