Residents’ petition leads to road report

Councillors have considered a petition calling for improvements to be made to a local road.

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 7:00 am
the petition asked the council to consider

The Garioch Area Committee discussed the petition regarding the B933 from St Mary’s Place, Inverurie to Keithhall last week.

The petition ‘The (neglected) state of the B933 from the Residents of Keithhall village’ received 17 signatures and asked Aberdeenshire Council to consider ten issues relating to the road. It was started by Dr Dennis Wheatley.

Dr Wheatley said the petition sets out “lack of maintenance over last few years” of the B933 up to and just beyond Keithhall, and added the recent winter weather has “exacerbated” some of the problems. He also stated that the issues raised “need action” and would not be expensive to sort adding that compared to other road maintenance costs this would be “trivial”.

The petition noted concerns including a lack of street signage, a missing white line by the cemetery, flooding by the railway bridge, speeding and visability around the Urie bridge.

Councillor Judy Whyte said that some of the matters raised in the petition would “pertain to most roads throughout the whole of Aberdeenshire” and added that while most of the roads were designed when traffic was very different to today, the council has policy in place to cover road conditions.

She suggested that officers give a factual status on what assessments have already been made on the road and if any work is scheduled to take place in place of a full report.

Councillor Martin Ford noted that speed enforcement was a police matter and said some matters raised in the petition were compliant with council policy. He also agreed with what Cllr Whyte said about the Shire’s roads.

However Cllr Ford noted that some matters raised could be dealt with easily and asked for a short report to be carried out.

Councillor Neil Baillie also supported a report and said that the petition “raised interesting issues” that could be looked at and addressed.

Brian Strachan of the council’s roads department told the committee that a short report would be the best way to deal with this. A report by the Head of Roads, Waste and Landscape Services will go before councillors at the Garioch Area Committee meeting next month.