Rurie the seagull is an impressive 21-years

A common gull named Rurie is 21-years old
A common gull named Rurie is 21-years old

An Ellon-based animal sanctuary is currently caring for a wounded seagull, which it believes was hit by a vehicle.

Nothing so special in that we hear you say - however, for this particular seagull, now named Rurie, a leg ring has allowed the New Arc Sanctuary to check on his history, where they’ve learnt he’s actually 21-years of age!

The gull, which had been ringed by Grampian Ringing Group, has outlived his expected life span by some ten years.

New Arc co-founder Keith Marley said: “We received a phone call last week that he had been injured.

“When he was brought to us he had a concussion and wasn’t very well. When we saw that he had a ring we did a bit of digging and learned he had been around since 1997 and was 21 years old.

“That’s a very impressive age for a common gull.”

Now the sanctuary has been contacted by Raymond Duncan the very man who ringed the bird, who still has the records to show that it was a nestling from a site in Kirkhill industrial Estate in Dyce.

Although Rurie is an impressive 21, the record apparently stands at 28-years!