Save our surgery!

Udny Station Surgery
Udny Station Surgery

Villagers of Udny Station are appealing to Grampian Health Board to keep dispensing services at the village’s GP surgery.

In a letter to the Times, the villagers say they “feel like a dying community” as there is no longer a shop, bank or hotel in the village, and they could soon be faced without a GP surgery. NHS Grampian is currently conducting a review of six dispensing GP practices including those at Udny Station, Rhynie and Skene.

The review has been triggered by the need to make sure that the Board is continuing to act legally in requiring these GP Practices to dispense for their patients.

It will seek to determine which patients of each of the associated practices continue to have serious difficulty in accessing prescribed medicines and appliances from a pharmacy. A public consultation on the review will run until Saturday, October 1. Concerned residents are encouraged to attend a Question Time event at Udny Station Community Centre on Wednesday, August 24 at 7.30pm.

The panel at the event will include MSP’s, councillors, medical professionals and members of the public.

The meeting has been arranged by Foveran Community Council.

William Grant said: “The nearest pharmacy to Udny Station is in Tarves but to anyone without a car, or unable for any reason to drive on the day they receive a prescription, they would experience serious difficulty.

“Many of the buses turn round at Tarves to return to Aberdeen and there is only three minutes between arrival and departure, not enough time to get your medicines dispensed and get back on the bus. This would involve waiting until the bus returns to Aberdeen and returns back to Tarves, this is not an ideal situation for an elderly or sick patient especially in the middle of winter.”

He added: “In order that the GP practice continues to dispense medicines to all patients it is essential that there is a large response to the questionnaire which can be obtained at the Udny Station Surgery.”

The Udny Station practice has four part-time employees in addition to the doctors and any loss in dispensing could put these jobs at risk.