Sewage spill on Ellon footpath

Scottish Water has posted signage at the scene
Scottish Water has posted signage at the scene

A councillor is calling for investment in Ellon’s sewage treatment works.

It comes after a second spillage in the last few months affected a popular riverside footpath near the Meadows.

Councillor Isobel Davidson says the situation is "unacceptable"

Councillor Isobel Davidson says the situation is "unacceptable"

Local councillor Isobel Davidson described the situation as “unacceptable”. The latest overflow from the water treatment site resulted in the path, used by school pupils and walkers, being taped off.

Scottish Water said it was caused by the failure of a temporary pump.

Following discussions between comnpany officials and Aberdeenshire Council’s environmental health team, access to a grassed area has been restricted and signage put up. In July, there were complaints after sewage spilled from a drain cover near the treatment works.

Councillor Davidson said: “There needs to be investment in the sewage treatment works in Ellon.

“This is the second time this has happened in recent months and it is clearly unacceptable.”

She said the issue of waste water treatment needed urgent consideration with further housing planned for the town.

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “A discharge of wastewater occurred as a result of an interruption in the operation of a temporary pump, which is being used at our site in Ellon while a permanent inlet pump is repaired.

“Our operational team attended in response to reset the temporary pump and clean up the affected area.

“The ground is waterlogged in the area of the spillage so it is normal to wait until the area is drier so a fuller clean up can take place.

He added: “We would like to apologise for the inconvenience this incident has caused.”