Speed a concern on Ellon road

An Ellon and District councillor has voiced concerns over speeding traffic on the A948.

Wednesday, 5th June 2019, 7:11 pm
Councillor Gillian Owen at the Knockothie Crescent junction with the A948

Following a recent crash on the road, cllr Gillian Owen said: "The serious accident reminds us of the dangerous nature of the A948.

"My heart goes out to those involved and I only hope their injuries are not too severe.

"The real issue is that changing the mind set will take more than changing the speed limit, therefore I would be urging that other measures are needed too.

“I have been pressing for many years that the section of the A948 between the Industrial Estate and Golf Road should have a much lower speed limit.

"Anyone who uses that road knows that there are considerable issues with speeding traffic, indeed a survey taken back in June 2016 told us that 3,066 vehicles during the week trial were recorded as driving above 60 mph. Ten of those were driving between 85mph and 115mph. These statistics were worrying, and I am extremely disappointed that permanent action was not considered appropriate at that time.”

Cllr Owen added: “I have raised my concerns with the Aberdeenshire Council’s Manager for Roads in Formartine, I know from personal experience that pulling out from Knockothie Crescent on to the A948, can be dangerous when people are driving at excessive speeds.

"The decision recently to build the new cemetery just the other side of Golf Road on the A948 will, in my opinion, create another dangerous junction and I believe it is essential that the speed limit is reviewed and a reduction to 40 mph is considered.”