Team get Tough for charity

Team Ellon after completing Tough Mudder
Team Ellon after completing Tough Mudder

A group of friends from Ellon have successfully completed the Tough Mudder challenge all in the name of charity.

Matthew Cantlay, Fraser Cantlay, Laura Riddell, Emma White, Ryan Skinner, Scott Cumming, Keith Reid, Grant Reid, Natasha Matthew, Robert Matthew and Corey Matthew took part in the event at Drumlanrig Castle last month.

The group members worked together to raise money for two charities with £1,080 donated to Hamish Dear’s Journey and £2,520 to Hamish Dear’s Warm Hugs.

Their chosen charities help Solving Kids’ Cancer and the family of young Hamish Dear who sadly died from neuroblastoma last year.

Team member Matthew Cantlay said: “We all knew the sad story about Hamish Dear and felt we could do something to help other young children in the same position.

“It was a tough challenge but nothing compared to what some of the children and parents have to go through on a daily basis, if the money we raised can help even just a little it will all be worth it.”

All of Team Ellon thoroughly enjoyed the Tough Mudder experience, although they admit it was a lot harder than they imagined it would be.

It was the first time that everyone in the team had taken part in the challenge which is a 12 mile run complete with various obstacles located around the course to put participants to the test.

Matthew revealed that most of the team members have signed up to take part again next year.

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