Traffic safety study welcomed

The new flashing sign on Riverside Road
The new flashing sign on Riverside Road

An Ellon councillor has welcomed news that a traffic speed survey is to be undertaken at a local primary school.

Cllr Gillian Owen’s comments came as new flashing lights were introduced on Riverside Road warning motorists that children going to Meiklemill School will be crossing there.

However, residents are insisting that a zebra crossing is created to further improve the safety of their children.

Commenting on the new lights, Cllr Owen said: “I have received representations over many months that this was a necessary measure to help improve safety.

“I urge all drivers to be cautious and particularly when the lights are flashing as this indicates the key times when children are crossing.”

Looking ahead to the potential of a proper crossing, she added: “Residents are still asking for a crossing to be installed and I have received an update on this from the council.

“They assure me that they will be undertaking a new traffic speed survey, which is the first step in the full crossing assessment criteria and then this would be concluded by a pedestrian count which coincides with the school starting time.

“Providing there is a successful outcome to these various surveys and criteria is met then a zebra crossing will be added to the capital finding list and will be built once funding is in place.”