Vandals strike at golf course

The tyre marks as seen on the 17th green at Oldmeldrum Golf Club
The tyre marks as seen on the 17th green at Oldmeldrum Golf Club

Members of Oldmeldrum Golf Club were devastated to discover that part of the popular course was damaged by vandals at the weekend.

One of the club's green keepers found the tyre marks on the 17th green yesterday morning.

Damage at the 17th green

Damage at the 17th green

Greens Convenor of Oldmeldrum Golf Club, Mitch Good, believes the significant damage was created by vandals using a small car.

He said: "A message was put on our staff group chat about the damage at around half past six on Sunday morning.

"Since discovering it our green keeper Janice has been seeding and sanding the damaged areas and unfortunately that section of the green is now out of action.

"When it will open again depends on the weather as we need sun, rain and some heat to get the grass to grow."

Mitch added: "We have a very friendly course here and our members will be devastated and very upset by this, they pay a lot of money to come and play here.

"It is a shame that this has happened as the green was looking fantastic over the last couple of weeks.

"Our green keepers have been working hard to get the green in great condition."

Police Scotland have been made aware of the damage and anyone with any information should contact 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 to remain anonymous.