Victoria Hall clock chimes once again

Ellon's Victoria Hall clock
Ellon's Victoria Hall clock

The return of the Victoria Hall clock chimes have been welcomed back by residents of Ellon following essential repairs to the clock this year.

The operating mechanism of the clock was found to be faulty last March and it had to be switched off to allow for repairs to take place.

Both the driver mechanisms and electronic controllers were renewed for the clock and chimer last month.

Victoria Hall committee secretary, Keith Hart, said: “The old unit eventually gave up and a more robust replacement was called for.”

However, following the installation of the new unit it was found that the interval between the bell strikes was not being properly controlled.

This last problem was fixed earlier this month by replacing the panel within the chime controller and this has allowed the clock to chime hourly once again.

Keith said: “Folk in the vicinity have welcomed the return of the chimes from the town clock as many have come to rely on them when typically in the garden or out and about during the day.”

Over the past year a lot of work has been carried out on the clock and this has included a complete overhaul of the three dial faces and hands. This work involved blasting, priming and re-guiding.

“Earlier this year the lighting was restored which now provides a very welcome effect during night time,” added Keith.

After the completion of Victoria Hall in 1901, the clock was installed within the tower in 1903.

The hall is run by both the Victoria Hall Trust as well as the Ellon branch of the Royal British Legion.