Work set to begin at Ellon Park and Ride

Councillor Gillian Owen at Ellon Park and Ride
Councillor Gillian Owen at Ellon Park and Ride

A local councillor has revealed that improvement work will start at Ellon's Park and Ride.

The Formartine Area Committee agreed back in March 2012 to expand the Ellon Park and Ride provision linked to the development of the AWPR and explore the potential for mini-hubs that can be served by existing provision.

Ellon & District councillor Gillian Owen said: “Just to remind everyone that Phase 1, which includes extension to existing car park, re-siting of recycle Centre and new directional signs which have all been completed.

"Ongoing problems with land ownership and acquisition was been referred to Transport Scotland.

"Phase 2 which will include additional external waiting facilities and upgrade to turning circle to accommodate 15m vehicles, is what we are all waiting for.”

Cllr Owen added: “You will have seen that the land clearance works have finished. The delays were due to water mains survey and their findings that goes across the cleared site. So, discussions continue to progress the specification and tender process of the project.

“We have been waiting for this for seven years and whilst it is accepted that issues can crop up, I think most people will agree that this project has more than its far share.

"In moving forward, it is anticipated that the scheme will now go to tender late spring/early summer, with construction commencing late summer/early autumn. So perhaps there is light at the end of this long tunnel.”