Pitmedden mums raise £2k for charity

Tracy MacInnes, Brenda Milne, Rachel Campbell and Angela Roxburgh with their charity donation
Tracy MacInnes, Brenda Milne, Rachel Campbell and Angela Roxburgh with their charity donation

Four friends from Pitmedden have raised just over £2,000 for charity after organising a fundraiser in the village.

Tracy MacInnes, Angela Roxburgh, Rachel Campbell and Brenda Milne hosted a race night and disco, and also took part in a Half Monty in aid of Breast Cancer Now.

The fundraising night was held at Pitmedden Village Hall on Friday, August 24.

The ladies were delighted to have raised a total of £2,030 for the charity.

The idea for the fundraiser came about after Tracy was inspired by watching the celebrities taking part in The Real Full Monty: Ladies’ Night on television back in March.

Speaking to the Times, Tracy said: “Afterwards I messaged Brenda to see if she would be up for doing something similar for charity, the other two came on board and then we started planning the event in April.”

The four friends completed a dance routine before carrying out the ‘Half Monty’ at the end thanks to their specially modified dresses.

Angela explained: “We asked local dance teacher Elma Robertson for help and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.”

Rachel said: “We are all busy mums so we tried to get together and rehearse as much as possible, but I think we only got to meet two or three times.”

Brenda added: “The support we had was fantastic, the night was quite emotional and people cheered us on.

“We received messages afterwards from people saying how brave we were.”

Tracy added: “We would like to thank everyone for their support as we wouldn’t have managed to do it without them.

“We would also like to thank local businesses and Pitmedden residents who donated raffle prizes for the night, the support we’ve had is amazing.”

Looking to the future, the ladies are keen to host another fundraiser but they would like to do something different such as a ‘Calendar Girls’ inspired calendar.